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February 02, 2006



I confess that was me. The socks do look gorgeous. Perhaps I should give it a try.


Your socks look so cute with those shoes! My husband and I have argued about the sock thing recently -- he thinks that I should pick my projects based on the "show-off" value, I guess. If he were picking my projects, they'd be all lace shawls and Aran sweaters. LOL!


Your socks look swell! Good luck on all the challenges. I'm going to try to focus on one myself, but it's such a broad spectrum, so to speak, who knows what I'll wind up with. It's a pity shoes aren't as easy to make as socks -- I'd love to have some made to fit my foot! Your new shoes look right smart and very comfortable!


What perfect shoes to wear hand-knit socks! Quite sharp looking!


Congrats on the STR! You can't really tell what it will be until you start knitting it up. When it's in the skein it can often look a lot different. Shoes look great!

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