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March 20, 2006



I love that story - David is actually your Bob!!! That's wonderful.

Good luck on the audition(s).


Isn't it true that sometimes orchestras don't even hire anyone even though people have flown in from all over the country to audition? It seems to me that they shouldn't post an opening unless they have one. I simply don't believe that an orchestra in need couldn't find one qualified violist among 30+ people auditioning. Then again, I imagine the judges are probably a little persnickety.


See, this post is why I love blogging. Seriously! It is so fun to learn these kinds of things about other people's work. Plus, that is a great story about you and Bob. Here's hoping you win the Fort Worth position and get to be much closer to your favorite violist. :)


Yes, it is true that sometimes after all of that audition nonsense, they don't hire anyone. Detroit has done this several times. It's not that they don't have an opening, it's that they don't think anyone is good enough. On the flip side, some orchestras like two people but only have one job, so they choose one and call the other one the "runner-up" just in case the winner turns the job down or wins a better job before they begin employment. This has happened to me twice and I have my current position because I was second best.


Very interesting! Thanks for sharing how it works (I know nothing about all orchestra dealings.) Good luck!


Crap! I was having a nervous breakdown just reading about the interview. Thank God I don't make a living as a musician!


that is such a romantic story!


Auditions do suck the big one. I think I may never take another one again. But I say that every year...


That does sound nerve-wracking! And memorizing all that music -- yikes!

What a fantastic story of how you and David-Bob got together -- I love it!

I wish you success in your audition!


Hee. I have never really thought of the audition circuit as fertile dating grounds. That was a funny day, the day you called me up and said "Guess who I made out with?". Hooray for Bob! The problem with audition hook-ups is that you are going to end up with violist on violist relationships. No offense, but that gives me the shivers. For me. But I guess that is what makes me Kitty, and you a happily married Courtney.

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