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May 10, 2006



that blue is stunning and i think i am going to go to itunes right this second. :)


Why, it looks JUST LIKE Cookie Monster's fur! That's so great! I want to try yarn dyeing very much now.

Also, thank you for the music tip!


I'm suddenly in the mood for ... COOOOKKKIIEEESSS!!!! Great color!!!

I also have that Nancie Wiseman book and find myself pulling it out 1st whenever I have a question or need a refresher - particularly on kitchenering. I STILL can't do that without the book in front of me.


I love that Nancie Wiseman book, even if she is dead wrong about knitting sweaters in the round (she thinks it's suboptimal).

More gorgeous yarn!! :)


Three things:

1) LURVE! Cookie Monster yarn. Kudos on a great job. Such a nice blue. What will it be?

2) LURVE!! Nancie Wiseman's book. I have it and am taking a class from her this fall at Got Yarn.

3) LURVE!!! James Taylor-ish music. I mean I utterly and totally and completely love that stuff. Now I must go to Amazon and check out this Josh Radin. What do you think of Jack Johnson? I just bought his "In Between Dreams" on sale at Target.


MMMM, Me soooo hungry! mnam mnam mnam mnam mnam, dat yarn dat look like me is berry taystee.

With the understanding that one’s taste in music is mostly subjective, it seems to me that "running" to buy music that sounds like James Taylor is sorta like drinking coffee right before bed. If you like JT, take a leisurely stroll to the local record store and pick up Joshua Radin's "We Were Here" and try not to fall asleep on the way.


Beautiful blues in the yarn. I love it too. You did a great job!


Oh, my. Now I HAVE to run out and get a bottle of Royal Blue, it'll go great with the Violet...

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