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August 25, 2006



LUCK!!! :)

Seriously, all the best on your audition - I know how stressful they can be. Maestro Bay is such a joy to perform for; the man just exudes energy.

Cheers! :)


Good luck on the audition! Hill Country Weavers is a GREAT yarn shop-have fun!


Best of luck for the audition. I love the Target theory. Our local Kmart has a yarn aisle but don't get too excited by the idea, just think eyelash and acrylic baby yarn in vomit pastels.


Good luck on your audition! And have fun at Hill Country Weavers. I'm sure you have plenty of room in your new house to stash yarn.

dr. lee

Hi Courtney. good luck with that. nothing like no expectation to land you a job. i had no idea that viola playing required saving upper-body strength! rowr!


Good luck in Austin, I think you will rock it. Moving sucks-we moved by ourselves last time and after almost dropping our massive TV in the driveway we have now sworn to never do it again. I'm all about hiring movers next time.


Good Luck in Austin. Have fun hooking.


Hope your audition goes well! Enjoy HCW. It's a great little store!


Lots of luck!!!


best of luck. kick some ass and enjoy the yarn party afterwards!


Well, I'm late, but I hope it went well, and that you had fun at HCW. It's a great store!

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