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November 20, 2006



I love your use of southernese! You're catchin' on, hon!


Even in Minnesota we turn the heat on when it's 63 degrees in the house, maybe even 64, 65 or 66. At 67 we would probably just wait for a warm spell. I think you'll have to knit with your mittens on. Maybe you can heat the house with the oven while you're cooking your turkey. Have a great feast!


Dude, don't let your Texan disturb your Minnesotan. That would be tragic and wrong. Careful.


I have my doubts about the accuracy of that quiz. I took it and got a 69% and I've only ever been in the airport in Houston.


The quiz said I'm 59% Texan, so I took the Minnesota quiz and it said I'm only 49% Minnesotan. Maybe we'll set up shack down yonder in Big Texas. I enjoyed both Austin and San Antonio when I visited. Hook 'em, Horns!

Thanks for the new gear. We love the Texas steer logo on burnt orange. No kidding, we truly do. Also, Charles looks regal in his new trident chapeau.


Hmm...somehow I scored 50%, and I totally faked my way through lots of those questions, so maybe the quiz is a bit biased? Hey, I'm curious; how New Yorker are you?

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