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December 20, 2006



What! I did not get tagged? Am I not weird enough for you? I have to admit that I am a bit relieved and yet also a bit offfended!
love you!


Hmm. I'm just not sure I'm weird enough to participate in something like this....:)


Say "Hello" to MN for me along with a couple of "Ya, you betchas!"
Stay warm and have a wonderful time with your family!


Hey, welcome to the land of snow and slush...what a welcome for you.
(Hi. I've been reading your blog - you were linked from here: http://sothathappened.typepad.com/ so really, I'm just de-lurking.) Anyway, I live here (MN) so hi, sit down and have some hot dish, why dontcha?


All I have to say is that Minnetonka is definately in my top five of all time favorite city names. I think my fav. is Kenosha, WI. It just sounds cool. Cheektowaga here in NY is not too bad. Nor is Tonawanda, where I live.


If #1 is weird, than I'm weird, too. And I can't sleep unless I've made a GOOD list and gotten everything on it, and even then sometimes not, because my brain will keep trying to add to the list. This probably wouldn't be as much of a problem if I would do it before the last minute, but despite all intentions otherwise, I never manage to.


Thank you for actually posting a couple of truly weird things (7th Heaven? Downright creepy. Cool!). Most meme-ers don't share anything more than "I drink decaf after 3:00 p.m.")

I have the long-arm, long-leg thing going on too, only I see the weird part not as the long limbs, but as the short torso. When I wear a belt, it almost touches the bottom of my bra. I am 5'6" and so is my stepmother, but sitting down she is two inches taller than me. My friend, who is 5'8" gave me a pair of her pants ('cause she's really skinny and they were baggy on her stick thighs) and they were high-waters on me.

Oh, well. The 7th Heaven thing is freakier. But it's good to know there are others in my camp. (The phone rep at Land's End wrote down my measurements and concluded that I'm a petite in my body measurements and a long in my inseam. And they don't make petite pants over 31". Go figure.)


I did your weird meme. Hopefully its weird enough. Happy Holidays!


Oh, I don't criticize anything people like to watch. One of my favorite movies is SHE'S ALL THAT, which I'm entirely too old to be watching. However, I love PYGMALION, and I use that as an excuse.


I love your weird things list! I just stumbled over here somehow...don't really remember how--and I LOVE your blog name! I LOL'd.

I also love that you call each other Bob (Bab). Do you call your blog "blag"? Just wonderin'.

And I have a good friend (male half of a friend couple) who plays percussion in symphonies and whatnot. Also is a professor of percussion (his main job, full professorship). On evenings and weekends, though, he does a ton of ensemble and symphonic work. I'm always stunned by the range of instruments that falls into his domain. He sometimes get paid $200 to play the triangle. And leaving his house all the time in a tux (w/tails) with large strangely shaped cases at odd hours makes his neighbors wonder if he's in the mafia, but other than that (or maybe because of that), he loves his job. He's pretty busy though. Must be that whole teaching thing that gets in the way of having hours of unstructured leisure time.

Joy Branagan

Hi Courtney! Rachel told me about your blog. I actually just laughed out loud when I read about your water bottle obsession. I am EXACTLY the same. I use a big purple Nalgene and I get very upset if my husband has taken it or if I can't find it. Dasani works well, too.
Well, just wanted to say hi! I miss you in Richmond...

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