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December 06, 2006



Wow! I totally love the lights around the perimeter of the yard ... it looks like one of those airplane neighborhoods where everyone flys their plane home into their personal hanger - like where John Travolta lives. Anyhoo - great job with the lights.

And your tree and menorah look great too!


The light thing is crazy here in Buffalo too. It seems to be much greater than anywhere else I have lived. This also may be recent advancements in X-mas light technology. Either way, there is pressure to put up your own lights. I remember a few years ago looking all over town for one of those wire tree things that has the hundreds of lights on it. Not the spiral ones. I finally found one.


Your lights look great! My entire street seems slow this year getting lights out. My excuse is this stupid cold - I don' t know what excuses my neighbors have!


That is totally odd. Peer pressure to line the perimeter of your yard with white lights....wha? What would have happened if you had lined it with colored lights? Rabble Rousers!



"Equal opportunity agnostics." I've never heard that, but I think I like it. I take that to mean that you don't discriminate against anyone regarding their relious beliefs or lack thereof, but that you believe the existence of god is ultimately unknowable? I'm not 100% sure it's true of either one of us but I'll take ownership of the expression, thank you very much.

Being the newbies, you must have felt pressure to conform to the neighborhood culture. Good call on getting the lights. They look cool and if your neighbors are going to form an impression of you, it shouldn't be over something like holiday decorations.


Your lights look fantastic! Kudos on the survey flag stakes. The interior decor looks fab too!

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