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January 16, 2007



we are having an artic blast ourselves here in portland, and it is a full on snow day. granted, we did get about 3 inches of snow, but it still seems like a typical northwest overreaction. i mean, all day news coverage? i for one am so happy that we have some snow. i skied out my front door and was in heaven. you can take the girl out of vermont, but not the vermont out of the girl.


The temperature has dipped into the low 20's high teens. We've had snow and freezing rain.

I love all of your sock yarn. Have fun knitting!


What?! Even the Arctic Blast doesn't keep them away? Stupid dedicated students......


Believe me, you don't want to be driving around out there. If there's just a bit of ice on the road, someone's car will find it, and since this really only happens every couple years, they will have no idea what to do, and will no doubt hit your car!


I second what Janna says. These are people(most of them anyways) who think you should drive faster and more irratically when its raining. Have fun with your sock yarn stash knitting.


I'm not going anywhere. I'm afraid of yahoos driving big boy trucks. When I was out earlier today there were several in my neighborhood alone who were driving unreasonably fast on our little streets.


Man, coming from MN you must be laughing your a$$ off about this "Arctic Blast"! I do hope you guys stay safe. Nice sock stash! I too joined the L&V sock marathon but have yet to post a pic of my sock stash. I think I have 8 1/2 miles of sock yarn. Sick. But it's a good sick, isn't it?


that is quite a finger-lickin good stash you got there.

arctic blast. hehe.


We are having a Southern California Style Arctic Blast over here. That means that I actually NEEDED a coat, scarf and gloves this morning rather than just wearing them for fun. Also we had ICE! in our front yard yesterday morning. We all still had to go to work though.


It's so different in Vermont. Here you have to be basically under 4 feet of snow before anyone seems to take notice. The cold weather we're having now (single digits) is different than the 40s we've been having all winter, but nothing like the 38 below zero we had in the mid-90s. Without wind chill.

I'm a little jealous that you get a chance to hunker down and nest. Enjoy it!


We too, are having a cool front here is south west Florida. The high today will only be 79 instead of 83. I guess it depends on your perspective.


I love your knitting plan for '07! Talk about feel-good knitting, you certainly have the right road map!


I finally compiled all my sock yarn into one container the other day, and it was appalling. I have an amount equivalent to what's in your picture, but the thing is, I'm not knitting any of it -- just accumulating! I need to get crackin'! Perhaps in the summer, when nothing else appeals....

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