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January 17, 2007



What, pray tell, is HEB?


When I get an unexpected day off due to weather, I find that watching Uncle Buck is a fantastic way to pass the time.


Silly Texans...


HEB is Here Everything's Better grocery stores in Texas and New Mexico.
Who Knew?


The story I heard is that they call it H.E.B. because the owner's name is Herman E. Butts. I think that Here Everthing's Better might just be their slogan, but who knows. I haven't been around here very long.


Boy, I am seeing that Colinette Jitterbug everywhere lately! It looks really nice. What do you think of it?

Winter finally showed up in Ohio, too, but nothing ever gets cancelled here.


Sorry to hear your wrist hurts. I wear "handeze"s when I do lots of knitting. I find it saves my hands/wrists so I can still practice later on. Those socks look fantastic; I love the colors. I hope your boredom lifts soon!


I heart Jitterbug! I just finished a pair of socks for my mom with it and I think there's enough left to make a little pair for my daughter!

Indeed, it's strange when we burn out on our craft, but it's known to happen! I hope we'll still see you Sunday!

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