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April 12, 2007



Somebody told me once that it's possible to knit without really looking at the needles but that in crochet you have to keep your eye on the holes. Is that true?

I know how to crochet, but it's hard to do much else (like enjoy an evening of programming) and it seems to me all the patterns are bigger/clunkier. That could be because I'm a poser, though.


Those blankets are making me want to croSHAY too! LOve the way you spelled it lol


I have been drooling over the rippled afghans all over blogistan as well, to the point that I would consider learning how to croshay.I like your spelling, I too hate the way it's really spelled. Lingerie is another word I don't like, lanjeray would be better, don't you think? Anyway, tangent, you've inspired me to find my copy of the Happy Hooker somewhere in one of these boxes and at least start figuring it out!


I have a similar cro-shay history, you give me hope! I also went to Oberlin... but no field hockey for me!


I tried to learn crochet last year, but could never do it. Since then, I've learned how to knit continental, so I am really hoping that will make it easier. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that thinks that crochet is hard.


I learned crochet as a child, then relearned as an adult. I think it's easier to hold the hook like a pencil with the hook down, than with the hook upwards, like a (I can't think of anything you hold this way) which is the way I first learned. I don't know if this helps you or not. Your squares are showing marked improvement, though!


I don't really like crochet either but the ripple afghans are so cool looking. I've been resisting the urge to crochet so I started knitting mitered squares instead. Sort of a weird trade off, huh?


Your square is lovely!

I crocheted a lot many, many years ago, but don't remember much. I think if I concentrated, I'd remember more than just how to chain, but at the moment, I have too much knitting to do!


Thanks for the tip on the crochet hook! I don't see myself becoming a full-fledged crocheter, but I would like to be able to do the basics. I think you're coming along great!


Congrats on getting to conquer the croshay! It's a good thing to know how to do. I also love those clover needles; I bought the whole set w/ case (ended up cheaper than getting them individually).

Hayley Toung

I tried Crochet and am still learning to master the basics. I.e. how to make a foundation Chain! Can't be bothered moving on until i can make a perfect chain with perfectly regualr links. If the chain isn't perfect the rest won't be either and I can't bear the thought of setting up for failure, what a complete waste!
But as to those who say the ripple afghans are what motivates them to try, have you considered if you can knit but struggle to crochet then try knitting in Ripples, it's much the same impact in terms of finished product.

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