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April 15, 2007



Love the socks, and I ordered this book, hope to have it this week sometime. I have been consumed with trying to learn this stitch so I can make this blanket too lol, hopefully I can do it! LOL


I want to ripple-along! That is such a beauuuuutiful blanket.

I like the idea of plopping down in the practice room for a few stabs at double croshay.


I learned to crochet when I was around 5 yrs old - I've made my fair share of afghans (baby & adult size).

Your pattern swatch of 12 + 3 chains (CH) means the pattern repeats in multiples of 12. The 3 additional CHs are used to start your row (elevate starting point to the correct height) & will be counted as a double crochet (DC) when you are counting your total # of sts.

I'm not sure if your wave pattern has any selvedge sts - if not, your first DC will be made in the 4th CH from your hook.

Remember knitting took practice to get your tension just right & over time you learned what the common abbreviations meant. The same will happen with crocheting. Most of all it can be fun! Good Luck :-)


I just figured out that I was double croshaying all wrong. FYI the dc instructions in The Happy Hooker are much better (and don's skip a picture of one of the steps) than the ones in 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns.


Why not knit it? There's a Ripple Afghan knitting book out there somewhere--I saw it on Amazon. I suck at cro-shae but I'm hell on needles knitting.


Nice cotton ease haul! I've heard good stuff about that yarn...The socks look great (wonderful colors too!), and I agree with you on the Dansko/knit socks relationship (I just got a pair of turquoise Danskos. Love 'em!) Keep up the croshay!


Love the music stand in the picture with the socks. It's the ultimate practice procrastination!


Danskos and hand knit socks are more than BFF... they are SOLE mates.


It has been a hoot reading about your battles with crotch-it. (Don't you love how I'm getting enjoyment from your pain?) My grandma taught me single croshay when I was a kid, and I can sorta-kinda do that not too badly. But I've never tried double crotch-it (which makes me think of crotch itch, by the way. You know, they make a cream for that...), but I can imagine it's a bit more challenging.

Oh, and did you know that the Brits have different names for croshay stitches than U.S. patterns? What is double in U.S. is triple for the Brits, (or vice-versa, I can't seem to remember...). Anyway, be vewwy vewwy caweful when reading a crotch-it pattern -- better figure out the author's nationality from the get-go....


Did you figure it out, and if you did, when will you be posting a photo?
Is it there yet? *grin*


i have been croshaying for quite some time now and im realy good at stiching but i cant start it off yet and im keen to lern more about croshaying


Hi. I am trying to crochet a purse and the first thing the pattern says is chain 51 (multiple of 8 plus 3)??? Hehhhhhh?? I am so confused!!! I haven't been crocheting for that long but I am definitely not a beginner and I have never ran across this one. Can anyone HELP!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!! :) I would be so grateful!! THanks

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