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April 29, 2007



Wow, your dyed yarn looks so professional! You can totally give STR a run for their money! I've heard lots of dyers use louet yarn. I've only used Knitpicks, but have been eyeing some undyed Trekking.


Ohhhh, very pretty!!!!!!!


Beautiful! I especially love the blue & green one. And, okay, crayola looks fun ;)


Brown is made using all three primary colors...that is, red, yellow, blue. More yellow, golden brown. More red, reddish brown. More blue, well, in my mind, not so pretty brown. Experiment!


I think they all look lovely!


If you can get some Bright Orange single color dye - I think ProChem's is called Bright Orange - then mix single color blues with the bright orange for different shades of brown. Varying the blue or changing the ratios of blue to orange changes the brown you achieve. Good luck!

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