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May 02, 2007



I am so not creative, but I'll throw something out there just so you have some options to reject.

Ocean Breeze
Tropical Punch

Great work on the dye jobs! Both look really good reskeined!


You are waaaaay to hard on that yarn! I love the middle one. It makes my brain sing! I do like bright colors though.

1. Morning at the Lake
2. Summer Birthday Party



Love your yarns! here are my suggestions:
1. Stormy Shoreline
2. The Flowers are Rioting!

Nice work!


Ok, because I'm corny like that, I'm going to suggest names that are pieces of music:

1. Blue in Green
2. Circus Polka

They're both gorgeous, Courtney! :)


All of them are so pretty! I would suggest:

1. Blues Clues
2. Rainbow Madness

I *love* the blue yarn!!


I love your dyed yarn -- so pretty! I haven't tried dyeing yet because I'm afraid that once I start I'll never stop.

My suggestions for names:

1. Rhapsody in Blue or Smurfy
2. Rainbow Brite (or Bryte if you want to put a twist on it) or Lido Deck (because it looks so festive)


I love both of your hand-dyed colorways. I've only tried Kool-Aid dying, and the colors don't turn out as vibrant. I'll have to give "grown-up" dyes a try.

Like Laura, I used music to name the two colorways.

1. Kind of Blue -- Miles Davis at his best

2. Thunder and Blazes (or its original name, Entrance of the Gladiators, for that matter) -- so linked to the circus in so many people's minds.


Great job! They really look fantastic! Before I read your post, and just saw your first skein, I thought it was Colinette Jitterbug in a colorway that I have in my stash. I think all three are fab. I will post again when I have a chance to think about colorway names.


My suggestions:

1) Atlantic Night.
2) Jelly beans.



Great yarn! My suggestions are:

1. Ferris Wheel
2. Carousel


That's lovely!

I would say:
Bluebell Explosion
Gum-ball Galore (hee hee, the colours remind me of the different coloured gum balls in a gum ball machine!)


I really like the first yarn.
Names: Intuition (for the blue) and Sunshine Daydream (for the yellow/pink).


Yarn #1 reminds of a day at the lake. The blue sky with wisps of white cloud, the blue colors in the water, and the green of grass and trees at the edge of the lake. So my suggestion is A Day at the Lake or "Waterside".

Yarn #2 reminds me of the colors of a pinata and the fun of a pinata party. So my suggestion is "Pinata".

What fun! Thanks.


Love them both!
How about:
1. Mediterranean
2. Cirque


Okay, here are my suggestions. (They're both gorgeous!)

1. Waterlillies (It reminded me of a Monet painting)
2. Cinco de Mayo (You know!)


Pretty pretty pretty colors!

Here are my ideas for names:
1. Oceanic Blues
2. Spring Field

Molly O

nice job courtney! they both look great.
for the blue one, i like "Blueberry Fields"
and for the multi-color one, i like "Juicy Fruit".


1. Deep Blue Sea
2. Under The Big Top

I am in love with that blue one.


Great looking yarn!

1. Rip Tide
2. Color Wheel


yay for those amazing yarns. they are soooo pretty and I want them both so so badly. I love that you did 2 skeins each too so you can really make something with them.
my suggestions are:
1. topaz
2. spring has sprung!

 aunt pretty

pretty-pretty-pretty...PRETTY! and pretty wants some of that deliciousness!

#1= Blue Lagoon
#2= Wildflowers!
or #2(alt)= Sexy Panties

Excellent work, Courtney!


Here are my picks:

1. Frank
2. Leslie

By the way, don't send me any yarn. I just like the naming process.


Beeuutiful!!! I like:

1)Peace and



Yarn #1 - Sea Breeze

Yarn #2 - Clowning Around

They are beautiful!


I am so not good at naming stuff, but the first one really reminds me of bluebonnets (plus I'm already a little homesick for Texas, even though I haven't left yet!, so

#1 Texas Bluebonnets

#2 Cirque du Yarn (there seems to be several circus/clown suggestions here...)


Ok, here's the first names that popped into my head:

#1 - Twilights Gleaming
#2 - Candy Coated Goodness

Both colorways are very cool!


Cool colors! Okay, how about,
1. Lapis Liasons
2. Creole Confetti

miss ewe

Beautiful job! You have a real talent.

1. Into the Blue
2. Easter Eggs

Jenny Raye

Great colors!

1. Mountain Lake
2. Mardi Gras


They really do look good skeined up...my suggestions are:

1 - Riverdance
2 - Fiesta Surprise

Very cool!


O.K. I've been lurking on your blog for awhile, but not long enough to know that you dyed your own yarn. That first one is just gorgeous! The second one is nice too - like you said I think it'd be nice for some childs' socks. But that first one ....WOW! Anyway, names are not my stongpoint but here's my thoughts.
1. Moonlight Sonata
2. Child's Play


Ok, I am thinking of musical colorway names:

1. Oceana (after a suite? or something by Sibelius)
2. Capriccio


Beautiful yarns! I'm afraid of dyeing b/c I have enough trouble keeping things clean around here as it is.

#1 Deep Blue SEa

#2 Carnival

That is some gorgeous Spritely Goods yarn, too. I just love knitting socks with sportweight.


Hi! I just found your blog in a search for pictures of completed Elfine's socks. I've done a little yarn dyeing myself but your skeins put mine to shame. Here are my colorway name suggestions:

1. Ebb and Flow
2. Candy Castle

Suggestion #2 is a Bobbsey Twins reference, which reveals that I may be a dork. :)


#1 CuraƧao
#2 Tutti Frutti

and fwiw, #1 is beautiful, no matter what you call it.


1. Canoe Trip
2. Lei

They're beautiful no matter what you call them.


First: these are gorgeous! I love the second one- I love bright, delicious, rainbow-y things.

Second: my name suggestions.

#1 April Showers
#2 May Flowers


I just want to say, I highly enjoy reading your blog and I love all the dyeing!!!

1. Summer Dusk (reminds of Virginia when night is just about to set over the green grassy fields and trees)

2. Sesame Street

I like them reskeined:~) But they are all lovely!


I like how each yearn is displayed on a textured surface. I'm going with Really Awful Television themes for my names.

Yarn #1: Smurf Village
Yarn #2: Punky Brewster

I have a deserving viola student who will be home from her first year at Oberlin who would love these! She is extremely into knitting.


I just discovered your blog and am very impressed with your dyed skeins. Here are my suggestions for names:

1 Tidal Pools
2 Calico Charms



1) First signs of Spring ('cause all the blues have a beautiful winter feel but the bursts of green are like the first blades of grass and leaves- I love that time of year!)

2) With Sprinkles on Top (reminds me of the little nonpareil sprinkles)

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