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May 21, 2007



It looks beautiful! By the way, I LOVE your phonetic (fonetic?) spelling of croshay! Makes much more sense than the way we usually spell it!


This is so lovely- makes me want to take a nap / drink hot chocolate and watch movies on the couch! I love pink & brown together! I really want to make one of these (forget the fact I don't know how to crochet).


Your ripple is looking great!!!


It looks great! Now I really think I need to learn how to croshay! UGH!


Your ripple looks fantabulous. I may start hooking. It looks like fun!


Cute ripple afghan! Great colors!


I used to know how to crochet (and croshay, too). I've got a whole bunch of hooks that I inherited from my grandma. I may have to dig them out of whatever box they're in...


OMG we soooo have the same taste in TV shows!!! May 15th was definitely a sad day for me!!!
Your blanket is looking great!!

Pauline Golitz

I've been working on your "Five Hour Baby Sweater" for a few months. A friend just started it and I'm wondering where we can find your pattern (Of course I could make a copy), but was looking for your comments about it and actual pattern on your site. .

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