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August 28, 2007



OMG! You can start a WNBA blog! We'll be super sporty twinsies!


Yay! I'm glad you had fun. My friends go to L.A. Sparks games every once in a while and they say they're a blast. I'm a sports fan even though I can't play one well, nor can I shoot the breeze about things like pass interference, but I love going to games. Yes, I'll admit it - the food is a big draw. :)


Ok so i literally laughed out loud that you were standing up and hollering at a sporting event.
way to go!


Welcome to the WNBA. It is an easy addiction to catch once you give it a try.


Huzzah to another WNBA fan!! I hope the Silver Stars go all the way, and I hope you will come to Houston to see the best of all I-10 rivalries!!


Blogging paydirt--this post got a link at wnba.com! Welcome to the ultra-double-secret society of women's basketball fans! ;-)

Ajf 6

You and I have common interests! You are my part of the story!

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