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August 13, 2007



I wouldn't go back. What a bunch of, well, the word I want to use is pretty nasty so I'll just say dorks. The hell with them!

Cognitive Crafter

Oh my goodness, did she wind it by hand?! Geez. That's just messed up. Your yarn does look pretty though.

I'm glad your vacation was nice. We're looking forward to seeing you at groups again.


Holy cow! An hour to wind your yarn, and they were bitching at YOU? You didn't ASK them -- they offered to wind it. I agree -- unbelievable. If it were me and I were near my home with my own ball winder and swift, I'd have rewound it myself after their botch job.

I've had trouble with a LYS taking awhile to wind my yarn, but in their defense, it was a very slippery yarn and notorious for being hard to wind. They ended up having to cut it halfway and wind it into two balls, which sorta pissed me off. But then I ordered more of the same yarn off the internet and wound it myself, and had to do the same thing. Very slippery and tangly.

But, merino sock yarn? There's no excuse.

With the availability of sock yarn everywhere these days (especially the internet), I think I'd maybe forgo that shop in the future, unless their prices and/or selection are irresistible and one of a kind.


That SUCKS. I would have been SO pissed. I'm sorry that happened to you. I would never patronize that store again, glowing reviews be damned.

:: shakes fist at bad customer service ::


Hey, I'm sorry we never got to get together while you were at CMF. Your last week or so of the festival was hell for me (pregnancy-wise), so I wasn't getting out of the house much. Next summer!!!
That really sucks about the bitchy ball winding ladies. I personally would not give them my business anymore, despite their great socks yarn selection.


I just bought a new swift and winder and my first try was about 20 minutes and my cake looks pretty good. It was a huge skein too! Even a non-knitter should be able to figure it out quickly. Can you write to the owner and tell her(him) about your experience? Or was one of those ladies the owner?
Definitely rewind the ball.


Ugh!! what an unpleasant experience! There is just no excuse for bad customer service like that.
Glad you had a nice vacation!!


You should notify the owner of the store - assuming the woman who manhandled your yarn was not he owner - and let them know what happened. There was no reason for them to be rude to you because they couldn't do their job properly.


Gee, that sounds like a lousy experience. But if I really loved the yarn, I'd still go there and just not have them wind it. Of course, I live in a far-out place with very little selection....


This is just a test. I think there is a slight glitch with Typepad and comments.


I'd probably go back to the store if I absolutely HAD to but would definitely not let them wind my yarn. We'll be glad to get you back in big T again!!!


I'll bet I could guess the yarn store too-The good news is that there are so many terrific yarn stores in the Twin Cities that you won't ever have to go there again! I would let the owner know though about your experience there.I hope you have some fun stops planned to break up the drive back to Texas.


I had an interresting experience the first time I visited this yarn store. A woman approached me as soon as I entered, asking what I was looking for. When I replied that I was just browsing, she told me I would need to leave my bag (large purse) behind the counter.

Part of me was offended, I felt I was seen as a potential thief instead of a customer. On the other hand, if it was my yarn store, and with the layout of the store having several nooks and crannies, I might be a little leary of strangers too. I decided to take the high road, and put it behind me.

What this store has to offer is a great sale every memorial day weekend. 20% off everything, including books & needles.

I don't visit often enough to be recognized, and the experience I had on my first visit hasn't happened again. They have several employees and many are very nice.

Miss Knotty

I'm so sorry you had to go through that! What a drag! I can't believe it was in a mess on the floor!!! Brand new merch, right on the floor, and fuzzed out to boot!! Grr on your behalf. In your shoes, I doubt I could have kept my snarky comment to myself; I applaud your restraint. The yarn is very pretty, what pattern are you going to knit?

Kaitie Tee

I'm from MN and am headed home next month for a visit. Of course, I plan to visit some yarn stores while I'm there. Could you let me know the name of this one so I can avoid it?

I've been to the Yarnery before and always had good experiences there. It seems like they always have something on sale, which is nice.

St. Paul Knitter

Ahh, yes. As a former employee at said location, I can say that the owner treats a number of employees quite terribly as well. Verbal abuse abounds. When I left I wondered if any self-respecting person could remain.

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