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September 06, 2007



I love it!!! I love the clinking the aluminum needles make while knitting :-)


Oh I definitely like that color combination! but if it's still not your cup of tea you could always give it as a Christmas present or birthday present.


NO I love the color combo!! I think they look GREAT together!!!!


It's always so amazing to me how the colors look in the cakes vs knit together. I love it.


It's always so amazing to me how the colors look in the cakes vs knit together. I love it.


Beautiful scarf! An excellent choice of colors.

Thanks for the nice comment on the clapotis.


oooh, I love it. In fact, I just my copy it from my own stash, despite the fact that I already knit a chevron in STR mediumweight (pink granite and monsooooon).

anyway, many compliments. it's great.


Those colors look great together!

Molly O

ashley and i vote NO. we're not minty teal fans. you never do know how it'll turn out, and the thing about the chevron scarf is that it keeps changing and at times the combo rocks and then it'll shift and not look so great.

Molly O

you have inspired me to finish up my chevron though!!!!


I like it!!!


Pretty scarf! It is a bit minty, but makes a nice combination with the pink and purple. I like it! And isn't it just funny how sometimes you just get in the mood to knit with aluminum needles and hear the little "clink" they make?


I like the colorway, it's very soothing. They really combined well for you!!


I think the color combo is great!


I love it! I have been looking for a reason to buy some STR in Pebble Beach, and you just may have given me a good one! I just started a Chevron Scarf in STR Dixie Chicks and Claudia's Jungle. It's fun to see how the colors blend together and change. Thanks for the inspiration.


"Fabulous" doesn't even begin to describe that scarf. I know I come off as melodramatic, but I don't say things that I don't mean. I totally dig that scarf and to me, the colors are perfect together.


It's beautiful! Peaceful and energetic all at the same time.


Very cool color combo!


I love this color combo! It looks great :)


The scarf is fabulous, but then, teal is my all-time favorite color, so I'm a bit biased. Love it!

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