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September 11, 2007



How fun! At my undergrad institution, it was always "professor", but where my husband works now, it's Doctor Lastname. Even the college students don't really understand the difference between "professor" and "doctor".


How cute that you've got all these little violinists calling you "Dr. Courtney"!


"Dr. Courtney"...It does have a nice ring to it. It'll probably stick with me, just so you know.


Did you get your masters from UCLA? My brother went there and got his masters about 15 years ago. He said it was a really tough program so kudos to you that you stuck with it. He didn't go for a doctorate either. He heads up the art department (and teaches music) at this really exclusive private high school in Ojai, Ca. Not a bad deal as he's on sabbatical this year travelling the world - and still getting paid! And this after the whole art dept. went to Thailand last spring on the school's dime. Cool stuff! Lot to be said for that masters from UCLA!


I can totally get into calling you doctor courtney. Even now that I am a doctor I still like it better when my patients call me Dr. Amanda or just Amanda. I use the doctor card when I'm on the phone and need to get sh*t done.

p.s. one of your readers is sending me yaaaaaaaaarn for my rug, so thanks!


That's sorta the equivalent of little kids calling me "Mrs. _______", when I'm really a "Miss" (or "Ms."). No big deal....

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