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September 23, 2007



Would it make you feel better knowing my car read 87 degrees at 4:30 this afternoon?

P.S. Penny's socks are super cute.


I completely agree. It's 81 degrees right now at 9:19 pm in Minnesota! This just doesn't feel right.


Don't hate me but we had the perfect fall day today...sunny and crisp, not a cloud in the sky and 70ish degrees...Gotta love New England. :o)

However, come February I highly doubt I'll be grilling - or leaving the house, for that matter. ;o)


Can you say global warming?
here in Upstate NY, all last week my kids wore shorts to school. One day last week was well above 90. Today's forcast: mid 80s.
Our leaves are starting to turn though. The oak over my driveway has branches full of color.

Have you thought about some summery Danskos? I know they exist - sandals, mary janes, and so on. With some summery cotton lace socks? ;)


Wow, it sounds really hot over there... it's actually nice in NYC now, which I'm assuming is not going to last that long...


Even though I'm a native Texan, I agree. I am glad we didn't reach 100 this summer though. Craziness, I know.

I love the cooler weather. I love the first day its cool enough to wear a sweater almost as much as the first day it snows...


It's my 18th year down here and I still long to feel and smell that Fall crispness in the air! Wait til you see people bundled up in parkas when it hits 60 degrees-geez. I tell them that's still swimmin' weather where I come from.


Autumn rocks. I'm with you. Heat sucks. Time for moderation.

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