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September 16, 2007



He came and did Bruch with us two seasons ago, and I remember actually being quite emotional when he came on stage for the concert. I guess I was a bit star struck. Although I was just playing accompaniment as well, it's was still a great experience.


I know who IP is! and not from Sesame Street either.

The kids LOVED watching that. "Is Telly doing that?"

miss ewe

VERY COOL! Have fun!

I think lots of non-music types actually DO know who he is because of the movie music... thanks for sharing that video!


How awesome! I'm excited for you. And I love Mr. Perlman. Did you see the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony in 2003 when he was one of the recipients? That was terrific.


I know who he is - he visits Tanglewood (which is clost to where I live) from time to time and I remember seeing him on Sesame Street, too! :o) Congratulations - what an honor to be on the same stage!


Did I ever tell you about the autographed photo of him that I found at a thrift store? It was not signed to me, obviously, but I had to buy it anyway. I haven't had the nerve to hang it anywhere though.


I totally know who he is and worship the ground he hovers above. I'm so excited for you!! Are you going to talk to him if you get the chance?


Wow! Too cool. Lucky you!


You get to play with Itzhak Perlman?! That is so exciting!!


OMG! I got to see him in concert when I was in college. He was incredible - so old, having trouble walking onstage, and sitting while playing, but his sound - awesome. You can say you played with Itzhak Perlman! Just like I can say I sang with Bobby McFerrin....(he invited the audience to sing the "Ave Maria" part of the Gounod/Bach, while he sang the Bach.) Okay, your claim is more legit!


The man is incredible. I love to hear him play, watch him play, daydream about him playing...

I have heard he's a good person, too, which I think can be hard when you're incredibly famous and everybody worships you. One of the coolest things about his fame is that people pretty much never mention his Polio. A lot of folks simply don't know he's needed crutches since he was four: you don't even think of it when you do know.

Have fun and you should so totally get a pic with him.


How cool! Did you get a picture with him? Did you tell him you were including him in your knitting blog? ;-)


I love the video! The best part is that it looks like Telly is really playing the tuba. Have a fun concert, Courtney!


I saw on the concert schedule that he was coming. I wish I wish I wish that I could go, but I can't.

It reminds me of the time that my college choir was singing Messiah with guest conductor Robert Shaw. It Was Amazing. I will never forget that to this day - and I still tell people that I've sung under Robert Shaw, even though the man wouldn't have known me from a brick.


OF COURSE I know who Perlman is! He's a legend, even to a commoner like me! Congratulations on getting to play on stage with him. :-)


I love that video too! How was the concert?

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