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October 05, 2007



Hallelujah! She has been saaaved!


Yes! Hurray for Macs!


My dad worked for IBM his whole life. They're a great company and PCs are fine and all, but we're buying a MAC next, and so is dear old dad. For anything visual and for the average conumer, MAC really is great.

In the meantime I hope yours will get all fixed up, though.


what you are getting a MAC? I still love PC's, I have a PC at work, and I feel so grateful I know how to use it. Kinda like how I am also so glad I can drive a stick shift.
AND I love my MAC with the burning passion of 10,000 red hot suns.

Lisa V

WHAAAAAT!!?? This summer--- you would have said you were going to the dark side by having succumb to the MAC cult. I didn't want to tell you, but Pesky Granny was replaced by, hopefully, a not-so-pesky and not-so-granny Mac #2. I LOVE IT. Don't worry...your secret is safe.

Roger Wade

Get a Mac!!! We are at your mama & papa's. They love ours!!




I love that actor Kyle Chandler, (he was especially cute as McBomby on Grey's Anatomy), although I haven't started watching FNL yet. Possibly I'll catch up via Netflix....

Do you watch Heroes? If so - any good? Another one I've not seen....


Love FNL too - great storylines & well developed characters. I'm a Heroes fan too!


w00t! Friday Night Lights! I'm the same as you, HATE football (and organized sports in general), but I love this darn show. :)

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