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November 25, 2007



I love that this has become our New Year's Day breakfast as well. Every year, when we're eating it, I turn to Brian and say, "We should make this at home!" And then I forget about it until the next year. It's so good!


We always called this type of dish 'breakfast strata.' I've never had it with sausage links, but have hat with ham and other types of sausage. And I'll bet your version is just as yummy!


My Mom usually makes that at holidays too! Didn't get a chance to mention how nice your Noro scarf is looking! Hope you make it back to Big Texas safe and sound! I'm seeing advertisements for the Nutcracker-will you be playing? I seem to recall how much you enjoy it-wink wink.


I forgot to mention that you can also make it with Morningstar Farms veggie sausage links and it's still quite good.


Mmm, that sounds yummy! And really: there's just no beating a dish that's refrigerated overnight and ready to go in the morning when you get out of bed! Thanks for sharing!

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