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November 08, 2007



Y'know, even though I kid about my degree being useless, I really loved my time doing it, and the lessons I had while there. Being a student is great, there are no two ways about it- and now that you're wise enough to KNOW that, it will feel great to have nothing more than playing and learning on your agenda. Plus, it is very nice to have if you'd like to teach anywhere. And you'll probably get alot of the best opportunities while in school- my quartet went to Norway and I had plans to do some recitalling in Japan until I went and got knocked up.

Either way, wooooot to finding a worthwhile prof!!


That's so awesome. I sometimes still think about all the repertoire that I never got to learn, because I didn't do a doctorate. How great that you're considering it!

Oh, and tell the viola guy I said hi the next time you see him.


It really sounds like a doctorate might revitalize your relationship with music. That sounds so cool! I think you should seriously consider it (because I'm sure you've been waiting for my opinion..... ;-) )

And I'll agree that the longhorn logo is great, but burnt orange is not my favorite color.....


If it's the same viola guy...he's fabulous!

He taught me how to practice properly at Bowdoin eight years ago and it changed my playing for the better.

Go for the doctorate, Austin is so close and it's great to be a student and think about the solo viola thing.

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