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November 15, 2007



I would have to say I am pretty much with you- I don't dig the dog thing. After I had my 6th child a number of people told me to get a dog to fill the void so i wouldn't be tempted to have a 7th child...I did, I got a little Boston Terrior. Two years later I had my 7th. Come on people it was a dog....I wanted a person. The dog is very sweet...as much as it is sweet, someone could come over and take her and it would be fine with me. I spend too much of the time feeling guilty I don't give her enough attention...but the children do. Oh, yeah, and I HATE HATE HATE the poop in the backyard...its just not something I have ever become used to.


We acknowledge your dog-hating and feel lucky that Lucy is one of the chosen few, we think. She loves you and will be happy to sniff your crotch next time you visit.


Ha! I love that you purposefully ditched that little dog, and then made SURE it wouldn't know where you live. Wise move. If Bob had seen that little guy he'd be a member of the family by now. Oh the hilarity that would bring!


I never actually thought about the fact that people are allowed to dislike other animals without judgement. You have a point. Personally, I like dogs (but have recently learned that I'm a cat person), but I understand why you and others don't. I have three dogs, and I have to say that I totally agree about their poop! I hand that "dooty" off to my husband.


I can deal with the poop, but I find dogs tiresome in the same way that I find toddlers tiresome: they can't seem to entertain themselves without involving you. They're needy and intrusive and occasionally destructive and smelly. So while I don't exactly hate dogs, I just don't want to own one. Ditto little children for all the same reason.


I am the same way! I do not like dogs, but for some reason (maybe they can sense dislike, like fear), they always want to love me. It's crazy.


My DH also doesn't really like dogs (although he does like cats, even though he has to pick up poop). But the ones he liked the best were our friends' whose dogs were so obedient, you almost tripped over them because they did such a good job of acting like a rug. They even obeyed "lie down" in front of our (very frightened) cat.


i grew up an only child with 2 dogs...hence i had sisters, lol! Then in college i raised wolves and huskies and have had large dogs since. About 6 months ago a stray cat adopted us and with the cool temps has moved inside over night. I am a dog person but also am loving cats as well. Such different temperments and personalities. My dog is entirely dependant on me..the cat, yeah she thinks i'm cool but i think she could take me or leave me!


I'm just now catching up on your blog, and thought this was an amusing post. You know why dogs like people who don't like them? It's because you ignore them -- you're acting like an alpha dog, and every dog wants the alpha dog to like them, so they will come and love on you.

That cracks me up about your not wanting the little dog to know where you live -- you know, he already knows where you live don't you? He knows your smell and I'm sure your smell is on your house, so he could just follow his nose....

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