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November 05, 2007



What a little babe! I wonder what you were playing... Mississippi Hot Dog?


Your gramma looks like a hoot. I want to bring her a martini or a bloody mary.

The little violins are like little shoes and hats- they remind you just how tiny people used to be before they grew into rad violists. Cute!


What a cute picture! You're very serious looking.


What a cutie. I know absolutely nothing about the violin except that it makes pretty sounds, so I'm laughing my butt off at your remarks.

The outfit and hair are totally rockin'.

miss ewe

SO cute. I have a corresponding photo, except it's my grandfather, and I'm wearing a scratchy velvet dress which I actually REMEMBER being an itchy torture to wear.

Did your parents tape record any of your lessons? My Suzuki violin teacher insisted on it at that stage, and we have dozens of "archival" recordings from that period...



Oh my god. I am not around violins and violas all the time like you. I don't think I have ever seen such a cute little teeny tiny violin! I might have to put my kids in Suzuki lessons after this post.

p.s. Androgynous was the way to be cool when we were kids. It's not our fault. Cutie.


You actually did play in tune when you were little. You also played in tempo which most little kids do not. The bow grip was problematic. I can't tell if we had already resorted to the corn plaster. It was such fun.


The fingerboard is brown because it was fake ebony. When it was dressed the color came off. Hence a brown fingerboard


i love this picture.
although it is true they do not sound that great, you know I am counting the days that Rowan is in suzuki class :)


Nice denim vest!


Wasn't it a requirement back then to have these kinds of pictures? I too had the bowl cut, and my outfit of choice (I don't know whose choice!) was a velour orange and green striped turtleneck and the same green colored corduroys. Ugh, I think I just puked a bit in my mouth reminiscing!

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