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December 02, 2007



Thanks for the review. It's hard to believe that they were going for humor by putting a soloist on the wrong side of the podium.

Now having a clarinetist in the viola section - that's a real yuck (oh wait, that used to be me) :-)


Boo. I was worried that it would be bad.


The adoption communities are all a twitter about this movie. I haven't seen it (classical musicians in the story line are usually so cringefull) but we might rent it some rainy night. The idea (from the trailer) that the kid automatically gets some magical musician gene and that it shines like a beacon to his unassailable duped mother kind of grates on me. I suppose I should reserve judgment, but what fun is there in that?


Thanks for the tip! It really wouldn't take much for them to get it right, would it?


Thanks for the review. I'll be sure to miss this one. :D

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