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December 11, 2007



very nice! i need to learn how to sew and finally take my machine out of the box!


Nice bag! Is that my former yarn peeking out?


I think I need to take the remedial class for my sewing machine-heh! Maybe I'll pull it out over Christmas break. Cute bag!


Your bag looks great!

I love sewing. It's a great break from knitting. It's also faster!

Here's a link for a site that has tons of little quick projects:
www.sewmamasew.com The tutorials are great and she carries really cute fabrics. Not that I'm trying to get you addicted or anything.


I bought myself a Brother for my birthday back in October and still haven't tried it out. I think I need to take a class like you did. It sounds like it was very helpful!
Very pretty tote!


I'm so happy you're sewing! Isn't the speed of gratification wonderful (compared to knitting)? Not sure if you're into quilting, but check out some of Denyse Schmidt's stuff.


i think you make just another sack like that and then sew the puppies together. wrong sides touching. There are fancier ways of doing it but that's a sure quick way.


Sewing is cool because you can fake your way through an incredible number of projects. Y'know, if you never take classes and just sort of slam some fabric together and tend to do stuff like accidentally cutting holes in the clothes you're wearing while "sewing". You seem to be going about it in a whole new way- with forethought. I'll have to give that a whirl some time.

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