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December 08, 2007



Wow, very cool website indeed. I loved the Cranberries too, only I was in eighth grade when I first fell for them. I even shaved my head to look like Dolores O'Riordan! Happy Holidays!


Cool! I've been wanting to listen to Christmas music at work, but don't have any on my iPod (which is full) -- this will work for that!

Pretty (Postcards from Stumptown)

I love Pandora. We use it at work for our waiting room music. I've found that it does tend to play songs over and over again if you give it too much feedback and only "thumbs up" a few....so I mostly just let it play now and only "thumbs down" the ones that are really wrong.


Pandora is awesome, although I agree with Pretty's criticisms. Only other problem with it is that it points out lots of albums that I end up wanting to buy.


my channels so far are:
gillian welch
barenaked ladies - holiday
the weepies
old crow medicine show

i am going to do james taylor when i go work on monday, that is a good one. when i get to work at 7am mon-thurs I am the only one at work for mamy hours so i can streamline and not worry about it slowing down other people's computers.
so glad you found pandora. keep me posted when you find good channels!!!!

Pretty (Postcards from Stumptown)

I was playing around with pandora this morning and I found quick mix. if you click it, you can choose stations to shuffle!


This is brilliant. I think I may have stumbled upon it a year or two ago when it was still sort of clunky, but it's so much better now -- more streamlined and intuitive. What a great way to pick music to fit your mood while working on the computer or just near it.


I overheard some women in a coffee shop gushing about Pandora the other day. Why, I have JT radio over here, which I listen to for calming purposes when I'm paying bills. :-)

I think I'd like an Indigo Girls station, too...

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