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February 21, 2008



I had to do this earlier this year. Silly metal detectors.

I feel your pain.


I thought they didn't allow knitting needles of any sort in the courthouse, meaning you can't knit on jury duty. Maybe I'm wrong, though.... the one time I had jury duty in SA was before I took up knitting again.


I actually did knit WHILE driving for several months, while the expressway was under some major construction. If I steered with my knees, I could do some brainless garter stitch socks. Now the fastest we ever got going on that stretch of road was 20 mph, and I'm sure many would think that it was still dangerous (duh!), but no lives were lost, only an occasional stitch.


ugh...that stinks! I went to the comedy driving school to get out of my ticket and it wasn't that bad. This was before knitting though. The apples in the bowl look real (I notice the strangest things).

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