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March 08, 2008



Preach on, sistah!


I couldn't agree more!


I thought Jillian's collection was spot on. I thought the collection that won, although beautiful, looked like it was designed for the models.


amen! i loved jillian's collection, especially because it included some very cool knitwear. i would absolutely wear anything she designed, other than the wrestling outfit but including the dress made of twizzlers. i liked rami, too, from the beginning.

i liked christian's collection more than i thought i would, but some color please! too much black! and i agree that his stuff would only look good on those models.

that being said, i thought all of the designers in the finals this season were better than any of the previous seasons' finalists by a long shot.


I agree! Did you see the P.R. Christian skit on SNL? It's already up on Youtube and its FIERCE-heh!

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