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March 20, 2008



I love looking at bright multicolored sock yarn in the skein, but I think I, too, prefer a more solid color for actual socks! Although I did just buy some VERY colorful sock yarn from Amanda!


I like your Dragonfly socks! I don't think they look funny at all. I do agree though that it is pretty annoying that they always have to be so crazy with the pooling sometimes. The colors remind me of the Grand Canyon or somewhere deserty. Pretty!


wow, i love those first socks.
cabling without a cable needle eh? now that sounds dishy. The cable needles seems like such an easy way to keep track...so you mark the stiches you are holding aside in anyway? I am going to have to look into that. And in the meantime, i need to get myself some of that henpecked., Who cares what the foot looks like anyway since over here it is always in a shoe, or a nice wool slipper. :)
that is so odd about STR though, why does it pool like that, you would think they would have worked that out since they seem so on it in other ways.

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