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March 18, 2009



AAAAAHAHAHA! Ask Bob if he would accept a quilted Lakers jersey. I bet it's easier to quilt a 32 than it is to knit a 32. I'd be happy to make the jersey with a snappy combination of semi-matching purples. He'll love it.


Oh no!!! that is so funny!


a muffled ROFL (everyone is asleep) I almost woke them up I laughed so hard.

Kitty....ohhh too funny.

I loved to see the quilters version of that yoplait commercial starring Kitty. :D


Heh...Good luck with that! DH seems obligated to run and get me everytime that commercial is on TV, or any that involve knitting. He'll pause the TV so I can see..even if I have seen the commercial many times before! Luckily he hasn't asked for one though.


maybe you guys should make one of each and we can see in actuality which one does look better. Quilted or Knit?
love it


What if u just make the vest part first and then do the lettering/numbering afterwards on top. I think that may be a lot easier. Good luck!

gail donahue

my favorite nephew saw this commercial also but he wants me to make a hockey jersey instead not sure how to put his name and number on the back any ideas?


I actually had a similar idea for a Dodgers baseball T, with a white body and blue raglan sleeves and then the Dodgers logo on the chest. I think all you would need to do is somehow transfer the logo onto graph paper and then knit it like you would any intarsia or stranded pattern.

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