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November 28, 2010


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He will definitely need the hat in MN. He looks adorable in it. Of course he looks adorable In everything.


Little Mister is so adorable, even in his little helmet. I hope he doesn't have to wear it too long. Babies have enough things to get adapt to, wearing a full time helmet shouldn't have to be one of them! But he seems to be such a great little trooper. Just want to shower him with kisses, he's so cute!


I am moaning that is so cute!


Oh sheesh that kid is killing me! Great hat and enjoy your first holiday season with the little man:)

Stephanie E (or as you knew it, B)

AHHHHH! So CUTE! We are also going to the "motherland" for x-mas! I'm knitting my boy a hat (but it's s-l-o-w going since I am always at some rehearsal or concert - tis the season.... I hope to have it done by the time we leave!!!

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