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December 08, 2005



The A&E Pride & Prejudice is very good....Colin Firth is pretty fabuloso. Although I haven't seen the new one, I'm not convinced about Keira Knightley just yet.


Keira Knightley really needs to eats a few sandwiches- and then when she's done with those she should have a few boxes of oreos. She looks like a jackolantern. Although I remain loyal to Colin Firth, I thought the new Mr. Darcy was pretty foxy.


Me LOVES A&E's P&P! -- and there's one part where Colin Firth gives the female lead (can't remember her name) this long lingering loving look while she's at the piano -- it's worth watching the entire mini-series just for that. Because the BBC had so much time to explore the nuances of the story, (since it was a mini-series), they were able to do a really good job with the A&E version. I still want to see the new movie though.

Is it me, or does Keira Knightly look just like Winona Rider?

Love the Oscar the Grouch scarf! (All that Noro is daunting, isn't it?) :-)


I am seriously partial to Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy, and I also have my doubts about Keira Knightley, so I haven't seen the new P&P yet. But I hear it's great, so I may cave and go. Love that Oscar scarf -- it looks so cuddly!

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