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December 04, 2005



I like the blog this way. The three-column version is nice too, but I agree that this is less cluttered-looking. Your scarf is coming along nicely! The color is so pretty -- it looks darker in this picture than in the previous post. Both are nice -- so whichever is truer, it's still gorgeous! :)


I like the two-column blog. Mine is the standard blogger template with two columns, and I need to figure out how to widen them, because they're just too darn narrow and they drive me nuts because they look amateurish. You get what you pay for, I 'spose. I wish I'd found typepad before I found blogger. Oh well....

Love the color of the fuzzy feet. Great idea about letting the recipient felt them!

The mohair scarf is absolutely gorgeous, and for that alone I might just go buy Scarf Style. (I've maxed out my pattern searches inside it on Amazon, darn it!)

I used to be in a chorus (Kona Community Chorus on the Big Island, in case you cared), and I loved singing the Messiah, but have never done Mozart's version. I do agree that the musicians work harder than the singers do, (my roommate was the pianist) -- at least we get a break during the solos. I saw those two Messiah concerts listed in the paper, thought about going to one, but knew I couldn't find anyone to go with me. If I had known you were playing, I might have gone anyway! :-)

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