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April 21, 2006



The socks are lovely. Have fun dyeing--I want to try that too!


You DID sign up for the swap right!?


Your socks are STUNNING, Courtney! I'm literally drooling, looking at that picture. Fantastic job with them! If I saw those in a store, I'd buy them! (But then, you can't get nice socks like that in a store). Anyway, congratulations on a job excellently done!

I wondered if you had seen Alison's post on dyeing -- timely, huh? So, which, in your opinion, is the best grocery store in the area to get the best variety of Kool Aid flavors?


I love the socks! I have yet to try knitting those, but they are definitely on my list of projects. I used dpns for the first time recently, and after getting over the feeling of being all thumbs, the project moved along swiftly.

Still, socks! Must try them soon.


I *love* the socks.


Lucky sock pal!

I think next time I warp the yarn I'm going to 1. relax! 2. make sure I hold the yarn REALLY loose. That might make up for my tension issue...


Oh, they came out so well! I love the color. And that koolaid rainbow looks awfully tempting...


I made Yukon Leaves for my Sockapalooza socks, too! It was a very nice pattern, and I have some yarn to make myself a pair as well!

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