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April 18, 2006



I've been wanting to try hand-dying too. Hope yours turns out well!


There are times, for certain work projects, when I'm on four airplanes and in six airports a WEEK, every week, for months. That definitely gets old. I agree that knitting on the plane is a great way to pass the time. I've never seen another airplane knitter either, but have had a few knitters talk to me in airports - asking about security or about the yarn I'm using. The only hassle I've EVER had about my knitting needles was one flight attendant who snottily told me to put them away during take-off and landing. I think she made that rule up. I've always carried bamboo needles on the plane, for which TSA gives their blessings, but I think I heard that metal needles are allowed again, and I know scissors with 4" (or smaller) blades are allowed again.

In my recent sock yarn quest, I visited or called all the LYS's to find out what they had. The only folks who had Regia was Unravelled, and even then they only had two skeins of it, and one of the skeins had a swatch attached to it! I would have bought them anyway, (it was the best sock yarn they had), but I didn't like the colorway. I love the pink one you got! I may have to peruse ebay to see if there's any in a teal/turquoise colorway. But not until I finish my current pair!

And I totally agree with you on the "faux isle" sock yarns - yuck.

I'm "dyeing" to try Kool-Aid dyeing. Can't wait to see you blog about it!


Scout had me over for dyeing and dinner last night...I'll post my results in the next day or two. It is SO fun! Can't wait to see what you do...


wow dyeing yarn sounds so fun. my inner tie dyeing camp counselor is itching to try it.
Molly and I just got the new book "one skein" that just came out. I have been waiting for it. I love it. I am excited. In fact I am so fercited i could fry and fry and fry.


I am totally planning on doing some serious plane knitting here soon. I just started another wavy scarf because it is mindless enough for a plane ride. I've got my bamboo sticks all ready to rock.

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