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April 24, 2006



I LUUUUVVVVV the kool-aid dye, look at you just whipping out some cute little summer socks. So fabulous. I really like how the colors turned out, who cares if they ran a little bit. for your first try i say way to go. now I am all inspired to maybe do it next weekend. Although i do not have a microwave. maybe I will have to get one. :)
again, nice job court, there is totally hope for both of those yarns.
you rock!


Courtney, you did FINE for a first time!
A few hints and random thoughts for you though..
After I pre soak my yarn, I put it in my washer on the spin cycle, and try to spin out as much as possible. Doing that I almost never have bleeding (unless I add too much dye at a time on the yarn)
Kool aid and wilton dyed yarn/items WILL fade if you leave them in the sun. They will also fade over time.

extra utensils for chemical dyes... You can usually find a pot or a big glass dish at your local thrift store. This is where I got mine. Even the stirring spoons and such. I think I paid a whopping 10 dollars for my dye utensil arsenal doing it that way. Even the mason jars that I mix dyes in, I got for 10cents each at the thrift. Mine fit into a small bin and take up very little space if you pack them creatively. An old crockpot from the thrift store works too. I'm actually on the hunt for one of those big nesco roasters to use for dyeing so I'm not tying up my stovetop, oven or microwave.

Also, you CAN use fiber reactive dyes (plant fiber dyes for like tiedye and such) If you have an AC Moore near you, they carry Jacquard Procion MX. You can't guarantee exact color match when you use them on animal fibers but I find that I get good results with most of the dyes except browns, and blacks. I use these the same way I use acid dyes (using vinegar as your mordent) You can get Jacquard fiber reactive AND acid dyes at www.dharmatrading.com I think their prices are pretty reasonable.

Lastly, I'm not a big fan of RIT dye, but it can be used on wool as well. A friend of mine, who is a professional dyer, recently told me she had been playing with RIT dye and was enjoying it!


Very cool post, Courtney, and very fun to see your progress.

I think I saw on the dyeing episode of Knitty Gritty that you can use a salad spinner to get the extra moisture out of your yarn, but the washer-on-spin-cycle idea sounds even easier.

Krista just tried dyeing yarn, too -- check it out here: http://nakedsheep.blogspot.com/2006/04/cotton-candy-by-me.html


hi! i've recently started dyeing yarn as well. i've had good results with kool-aid and okay with acid dyes. right now (literally, as i type this) i'm trying out the wilton's. it's not going so well. do you have any advice?

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