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May 09, 2006



The socks are beautiful. And the new yarn looks like it will be fun to kit with.


Glad you like them Courtney and I am glad they fit so well. It was such a pleasure to make them for you! I will be eager to see what you make with the Fleece Artist (it is such nice yarn!). It is great to be able to leave a message and not just be a lurker!


I LOVE THOSE!! and i LOVE that yarn. that yarn is inspiring me to make socks. I might have to go and find some of that yarn. of course it is from canada. maybe i should just move to canada. for so many reasons, that would rock.


heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Courtney! guess who can post on yer blog now? you guessed it. that is some pretty pretty yarn and pretty pretty socks. How lucky! Ashley and Molly and I dyed our yarn the other day, all inspired by you and stuff. You saw the photos! We had a blast. You are a great instructor. I will post the finished project on my blog for you to see.


ooooooooooooooooh - Fleece Artist! Soooooo gorgeous! They were few and far between at MSW this weekend. But highly coveted. I'm so envious! And the green socks are fantastic!

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