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June 15, 2006



Heh--like when I tell people I teach 19th century British literature and their response is "oh, like Shakespeare?" Sometimes it's easier just to say yes.


I played the viola too, all through school and college. Love it love it love it. I used to get the same thing
"play your violin for us."
"viola, its similar but different."
"oh. whatever."
Tell them its a special new laptop shaped like a baby giraffe. The fun people will laugh and the irritating ones will walk away fast.


nice job on all your driving rocker.
so happy you got a little online love.
Give a tree a hug for me out there in CA.
If we move to CA, we can meet up there andhang out before or after sequoia. That is one of my favorite parts of the state.


You hate that the way I hate it when people say they can't understand Shakespeare's plays because they're in Old English. RIIIIGGGHHHTTTT.


I have to admit I'm one of the ignoramuses who gets the two confused, but I *think* Viola is slightly larger and therefore plays deeper notes than a violin? Never having had the opportunity to have formal music lessons has hurt that aspect of my education, I suppose, but I'm still a music appreciator.

At least people understand what you do. Tell them you're a "Healthcare I.T. Consultant" and their eyes glaze over.


May I say it? Your new haircut is totally cute. :)

ashley in Portland :)

yes i agree, a very nice hair do indeed.
way to go rocker!


Pardon my sure-to-be-considered lame question, but is your viola large enough to require its own seat, or can you put it in the overhead compartment? I don't know much about traveling with instruments. :)

Also, I sometimes wish I had the nerve to not tell people (i.e. seatmates on a plane) my actual job and to instead have a little fun and say that I'm a plate tectonics expert or something else completely random.

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