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September 15, 2006



I'm going to have NIGHTMARES of these pictures!


I flew on the day they banned liquids -- in fact, I was on a 7:00 a.m. flight, so got to the airport totally unaware of the change. I shoved all of my makeup from my carryon into my checked bag, but forgot about hand lotion and Purell in my carryon. They found it at security and confiscated it (although they were very nice about it!).

I agree about the bans on beverages purchased in the secure area - that just doesn't make sense.


Those pictures are hysterical!


Too funny! Your nose in the second picture looks like my normal nose, unfortunately. God did not bless me in that department.

My solution for the ban on water is to ask them for two waters when the drink cart comes around. Worst they can say is no. Gotta say, train travel is more and more attractive these days....


i looooove those pictures. Too fun. It is true that it is a fine line between looking funny and special needs in some of them. In that top picture for example, it is quite obvious that i stepped right out of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. :)


so so so funny! is that going to be your christmas card?
p.s. new blog is up, just click on my name!


Cool pics-! Thanks for the MN quiz link! According the quiz I'm 50% Minnesotan..I guess that makes sense since I moved to San Antonio 16 years ago!! Uff da! Ya, you betcha!

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