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September 12, 2006



Make it work, people. Maaake it wooork.
Time for fun!


I heart Tim Gunn.


Welcome to Buffalo - hope your flight was ok. The weather is icky this week, but if you get a chance, you should venture out to the Elmwood Yarn Shop on Hertel Ave (near Delaware Park, which is beautiful as well). They have a great selection and it's one of those well-lit and spacious yarn stores too.


Have a great time!


You pack like I do - last minute! And since I haven't flown in a few months I'm eager to hear about the bottled water. I, too, take it everywhere and feel that I'll dye of thirst if I don't have some with me at all times....

Have fun!

water snob aka livia

you can get water on the plane but it's never as good as right out of the nalgene. it's almost not worth getting water. what a boring comment, livia. good work.

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