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January 02, 2008



Ugh! I was sick too (still am actually). Unfortunately, I didn't recover as quickly as Charlie. Glad you had fun though!
Happy New Year!


I lived in Atlanta for years and always took guest to the Coke Museum. I enjoyed it, but was throughly grosses out by the foreign Coke products that you get to sample!!

Sounds like the posse had a great time. We did the same thing in Atlanta. My favorite NY was our Wino NYE. We had a bottle of wine from every time zone and drank it during the hour that time zone rang in the new year. We started drinking when Australia celebrated 2003!! It was only noon in Atlanta (I think!!). I didn't make it to midnight!!


Oh my God, that picture of the guys with the polar bear is hysterical. By the way, the bear did open his mouth for the picture we took with our camera-he must have slipped up.

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