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February 03, 2008



I tried to learn the piano accompaniments when you were in book 1. You said "Don't play". I wasn't very good.


Ooh, it looks pretty, for all the abuse it must have had. I play piano and not any stringed instruments, but my friend teaches violin and occasionally I get to accompany her students in recital. Twinkle is the cutest (mostly because it gets played by the smallest)!


Nice! And I agree with Bob -- a grown-up house needs a piano. I left mine with my sister when I moved, and despite the fact that I almost never played it (I used to play okay) and that it was badly out of tune, I miss it!


how much do i love your music room.
looks great.
congrats on having a piano.
I agree with dave, it makes a definite adult statement.


Can you help me??? I've been knitting the 5 hour sweater but when I get to row 6 I keep coming out with 73 stitches instead of 56??? This is what I've been doing --- K3 and then I increased 1 and then K1 across the row ending with 1 increase and then knitting the last 3????

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