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August 11, 2009



I have made the sweater twice and I could never figure out what that part was all about so I just ignored it. Just thought it was due to my inexperience :)

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i've always left the stitch on the needle so that i can crochet up the sleeves and just work right on through without having to break the yarn at all - somewhere i found a version of the sweater that explained how to do it in a way that was clear to me, so when i knit these, i just end up with a piece to sew in at the top, and one at the bottom.


Your pattern is brilliant, I think you are a very talented pattern writer! What a treat to find a pattern that didn't make me feel like I was missing crucial vocabulary. And the final result is beyond adorable. THANK YOU!


Love the brown/blue color combination of your 5hour sweater. You did a great job!


"Place the last stitch on the left hand needle. Knit 2 tog and knit across the back of the sweater to the next marker"

I suspect that the reason for leaving the last stitch on & then knitting it together with the 1st back stitch is to help avoid the hole that often forms at that spot. Not necessary for the construction of the sweater but a nicer finishing touch.


I can't fine the pattern. Ravelry's link sends me to your great blog. Please help, having my first grandbaby in Dec


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